Life can be challenging when we are carrying unresolved emotional pain from our past and subsequently worrying about the future. This causes us to live life in the present moment feeling a void within and a lack of joy. We live life attempting to ease the inner discomfort pursuing external experiences through relationships, substances, material objects, career aspirations etc. hoping that the next thing will finally fill the void we feel. As this quest proves unsuccessful we become disappointed and disillusioned by life and even angry with the people in our lives.

What can often happen at these times are dramatic life events or challenges that help us realize that it is time for change. This process can be very difficult though and might leave some people feeling completely lost. This is where my support as a Holistic Therapist has proven very helpful to many of my clients. I see the healing process as letting the light and love of our heart and Soul in to help us let go of all the heaviness we have accumulated throughout our lives. I have personally been through this process and now help others do the same through everything that I have learnt, incorporating different methods including counseling, energy work and healing massage.