How to deal with change.

I have personally experienced many changes in my life, some were out of my control and others required “decisions”. From moving cities & countries to ending relationships and career and also loss of loved ones.

It can be a very uncomfortable experience but it can be managed, navigated and enable personal growth. I’ve heard it being said and I’m sure you have too that change is a part of life, it’s the only constant and it’s the only thing we can be sure of. That has been true in my life and the easiest way to deal with it is to go with the flow instead of resisting it.

For me personally the big changes I’ve made never felt like decisions. I just reached a major crossroad and KNEW internally what I needed to do. When I made the changes everything fell into place but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t very painful at times.

Two things said by spiritual teachers that I’ve heard over the years made a lot of sense:
1) We create an identity for ourselves with the things that are in our lives; relationship, job, friends & family etc. When we lose any of those or make changes we feel a bit lost because we feel like our identity has changed, the fundamental question: Who am I? The answer to that is there is a part of you that is forever changeless and can be called,Spirit, Soul, Love, Peace, Joy, Consciousness, Presence, Pure etc. I am just as I arrived when I was born, Pure Existence. The things, people, situations, labels, past time, career etc. doesn’t make me who I am. I AM pure creativity and potential. Nothing defines me and nothing and no one can take that away from me.

2) Every NEW situation I find myself in brings everything that needs to be healed to the surface. How do I heal? Acknowledge what’s going on. Grieve. Feel all feelings and let the emotions move through your body. Allow everything, Journal and practice Self-care. Always come back to yourself with LOVE. We often tend to abandon ourselves when things get tough and we feel scared and that is why it feels so uncomfortable. Be very aware of the story you are telling yourself in your head about what is going on.

So, change is inevitable and we often know exactly what we need to do. It can be uncomfortable but there is so much we can do for ourselves to make it as bearable as possible.

I personally believe our life-path is laid out for us and our map is our intuition, our internal KNOWING. The good news is that we are not alone, help and guidance is available. I have personally received miracles from the simple prayer: Please help me.

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